Real-time Cumulative Viewers




You can have video chatting in real time at any time and any where

The video chatting service solution that "View Chat" has developed in-house is patent pending at 6 countries in Europe, America and Asia including Korea and USA

  • Korea

  • USA

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • and 6 countries

Real-time Chatting

Meet new people on video in real time. It is easy to meet new people.

Strong Contents

You will not be bored with powerful contests such as events, talk, ranking check and so on.

Capture Prevention

It is protected with screen capture prevention and watermark function. You can have conversations without worries of disclosure.

View Chat GLOBAL

Communicate with members in real time.

  • Photo

  • Talk

  • Ranking

  • Note

  • Save

Diverse Contents

There are various services for communication and entertainment besides video chatting.


Check functions with infinite attraction.

  • Save

    If you have someone whom you want to see again, register him or her in your 'Save List'.

  • Report

    You can report members who did illegal things or offended rules or etiquettes!



Please download "View Chat" here.